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Calvin E. Bright Success Center




STEP’s mission is to foster and cultivate a space for scholars, from all backgrounds, to feel included, respected, heard, and validated. The most recent events of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many more have called on us as a nation and university to reflect and act against the racial injustices plaguing this country. The STEP Scholars Program denounce the intolerable anti-black violence, racism, and prejudice that has going on for far too long. As the institution stated, “Black lives always matter, and they matter at UC Merced.” We stand alongside you in solidarity.  
STEP is committed to supporting our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities, as well as out LGBTQ+ students in these difficult times and beyond. Though there is little this message can do to alleviate the pain, we remain a source of support and allyship with a promise to learn and use our platform in our efforts to true systemic change.  

STEP’s commitment to combating racial and social injustices will be done in a few ways:

  • Acknowledging, listening, and supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ scholars. STEP will work on providing these safe spaces to do so
  • Advocating for these communities
  • Promoting anti-racism education by curating a list of resources, media, literature, and more for all scholars and staff to engage with. We will also use these resources to hold events and spaces for anti-racism efforts
  • Collaborate with campus partners, student groups, and campus programs on social justice initiatives
  • Be open to constructive criticism and be proactive in response to feedback  
  • STEP staff will participate in diversity training and give quality service to all scholars



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