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STEP serve students from low-income, first generation, and/or students with disabilities
Scholars Attend Academic and Cultural Arts Conferences state wide!
Scholars attend academic conferences such as Standford University's Minority Medical Alliance Conference, UC Berkeley's Law Admission Conference, and UC Davis's Pre-Health Conference
Scholars Engaged in Learning with Career Professionals
Our Career Roundtables brings together professionals and students for open and engaged conversations to learn about diverse career pathways
STEP into Success!

Hear From Our Scholars!

Testimonials from our Scholars

The STEP program has immensely motivated me both academically and in my career development because of how supportive and encouraging everyone is. STEP has pushed me out of my comfort zone into making new connections with people who share the same drive. –Kate M.

More About STEP

Even though I first came in Undeclared, I always knew that I wanted to do something that involved helping others. I took the test [MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory] that the program required, and working within law was one of the choices. STEP helped me find the internship, and I loved it! –Evelyn R.

Joining STEP was probably the best decision. I slacked my freshman year and earned a 2.4 GPA. I joined the STEP program, and so many great things came out of that. I made a 3.6 GPA last semester, and my determination to keep improving has never been stronger. STEP was the key to changing my habits for the better. –Kenia M.

My favorite part of the STEP Program is the mentorship component. Every STEP Fellow is like a mentor. You can ask any questions about career, concerns, or anything else. My STEP Fellow helped me with interviewing and communication skills and even showed me out get involved on campus . - Ricky Y.

The STEP program lets me explore career paths in an environment that encourage exploration and discovery of my passions – Christina B.